Warren Buffet’s Amazing Partnership Talents produce Wealth

Warren Buffet is one of the most wealthiest men in the world today. Is there any evidence in his Astrological profile that gives us clues to how he amassed such a fortune that over 99 percent of the world’s population will not experience in this lifetime? He is clearly an extreme profile that needs to be looked at scientifically in order to show humanity that there is an intelligent cosmic force at work within us all. By showing this evidence it will increase our awareness and free us of our 3rd density shackles. I am choosing the art and science of Astrology to help awaken mankind to their innate cosmic traits. Let’s take a close look at Warren’s profile here, especially his South Node Career talents. His South Node and the ruler, Venus are in his 10th house of career and power in the physical world. He came into this life born with the gifts to succeed in his career through partnerships. Because of his South Node being in Libra and in a very strong prominent position in the 10th house we can easily see just from that one item the soul potential given at birth for success through partnerships. Then we look at his North Node Destiny’s ruler Mars, sitting comfortably in his 7th house of, with Jupiter & Pluto conjunct each other. This is an extreme case indeed with overwhelming evidence!

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