Here are some books, software & websites I recommend to help increase your awareness.

My top 5 Favorite Books are Lunar Nodes, Identifying Planetary Triggers, & Predicting Events with Astrology by Celeste Teal, Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller, and Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins. There is a wealth of information in these books alone.

Celeste Teal

Jan Spiller

Sue Tompkins

Steven Forrest


Sirius Astrology Software

Astro Gold Astrology App for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Android


Secret Language of Birthdays - You will love this amazing free Astrological/Numerology resource

Astrology Junction  - Read your tarotscope for the 12 zodiac signs. Learn zodiac mythology and get a tarot reading today !

Forrest Astrology