Monthly Astrology Readings

How would you like to have your very own personal Astrologer every month to call upon whenever you need some direction in life?

You can ask questions like:
"Does it look like a good time to jump into a relationship with this fantastic guy I just met?", or
"Is it a good time to invest in this new opportunity my friend just presented to me?", or
"Are there any surprise events coming this year?".

The questions are endless that you can ask me, and I am making myself available to help you through them all!
• I will provide you with charts and reports every month and answer all of your questions about them.
• I will always be an email, instant message or phone call away.
• I will give you personalized attention that automated reports simply cannot give.
• I will always focus on what your souls purpose is to help you stay on your path.
• I will always give you the positive side of each upcoming situation and alert you to what happens if you resist change.
• I will always be honest with you about the challenges you may have to face, but will always show you the positive side of challenge.
• I will tell you to never accept a reading from anyone that is negative, the correct word is challenge and EVERY CHALLENGE can produce a positive outcome if we become aware of the lesson using the Universal Law of Wisdom.
• I will not only use my Astrology skills, but also my knowledge of the Universal Laws, Esoteric Awareness, and Unconditional Love!

I am offering all of this for just $29 per month. Keep in mind that I am also going to be teaching you how to read Astrology charts and interpret planetary aspects and positions, as your curiosity demands. You will benefit greatly from this monthly service in so many ways!

To earn your trust I am offering a 100% money back guarantee each month. If you are not happy with my service, simply cancel your monthly subscription and be refunded for that current month's fee. I love serving you with this Awareness, and it is my goal to help you become more aware of your Souls path and stay on course!

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