The Murder of Jon Benet Ramsey

Does this birth chart show JonBenet Ramsey was a victim of Murder?

– Sometimes the language of Astrology within a birth chart is clearly shouting something at us.
– In this case we see her personal planets, Sun & Moon both afflicted by Pluto square. Her North node ruler is Uranus in the 8th house of death.
– She has a Mars-Pluto opposition.
– Her 8th house Neptune shows us that there is a mystery about her death.

Now if we look further into her South Node and ruler, the Sun in Leo, we can see she was a very beautiful person in a past life. Then look closely at her South Node ruler the Sun, square both Pluto & Mars revealing some really strong traumatic Karma from the past. Now in this life we see this traumatic Karma popping its head into this life. Astrology does not reveal exactly WHAT happen, but it does reveal the SEVERITY of what happen. With this information we can help someone heal a past life emotional event by showing them the clues. A past life regression can then help them pull up the exact emotionally charged event that is causing the problems in the current life and heal it. I recommend Mira Kelly for this type of past life healing. You can see her website and her books at

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