Bruce Jenner Sexual Identity Transformation Astrology

Most of us love Bruce Jenner. I had to find out if the stars show any evidence to his shocking the world desire to change his sexual identity. I don’t judge anyone, my belief is that we are all souls working out the energy we have spent thousands of lifetimes experiencing. To me this is simply Bruce remembering his past lives identity of being a woman. When his progressed MC conjunct his South Node & Neptune(confusion) in Libra(female) in his 12th house(secrets) all of these past life(south node) feelings were stirred up to the surface to manifest within him. Progressed Venus(Female) is also opposite Pluto(Transformation). The bottom line is that he feels very strongly about this. He feels very feminine and the stars show us exactly why he is feeling this way. Who are we to judge? We have all been the other gender at some point in our evolution. Maybe Bruce would find comfort seeing this portrayed in his stars?

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