Astrology Software that I use

I do not receive any compensation for promoting this software. Quite simply I just love it so much that I want it to be around for the rest of my life and beyond. I have used many astrology software programs and I finally found my home with Sirius. My hunger for trying to figure out how the Universe works is insatiable, and I recommend any Astrologer who has this type of hunger to save their pennies and purchase Sirius. David Cochrane is the founder and is a great friend to all of his customers. He listens to our feature requests and builds the software according to our needs. The result is a comprehensive Astrology program with features from so many different types of Astrology it can make your head spin. But that's okay because you only need to use the features that fit your needs, then later if you want to investigate the exciting world of Vibrational Astrology that David Cochrane created out from Harmonic Astrology you get that feature set too! If you are crazy about customizing your charts and wheels this is by far the most flexible I have ever seen! The chart wheels on this website are from my own customization in Sirius. I found one I created and love and I stick with it. If you are a researcher I see no other tool that comes close with an extensive toolset and the largest famous people database in a software program all imported from the online Astro Databank. I have my own ideas for some really exciting features for a future release of Sirius that I will be discussing with David soon. He really does listen to our ideas and that is why I became a Sirius user. I can go on and on about this program but you would be better off grabbing a hot cup of something and checking out the you-tube video below that links to his other videos on his channel. The website listing all of the features in Sirius is at this link: