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Astrology shows us the deep hidden mysteries of a soul in 3rd density grappling with karma and emotional entanglements, that we indeed created ourselves because of our beliefs and thoughts from the past. Our goal is to raise our vibration higher than these 3rd and 4th density planets where astrological influences have no merit, because we are then out of the frequency range. I have learned that unconditional love and forgiveness are the ways to push our vibration higher and higher. The so called negative stuff in our lives can indeed help push our vibration higher & faster, as long as we choose to remain positive and loving through it all. Once the progression or transit has passed we should have raised our vibration higher, as long as we learned whatever lesson was given. Astrology shows us these lessons, and we can use freewill to jump in consciousness through these difficult aspects. I have come to be thankful for my struggles because I can feel the spiritual growth from it as long as I don’t do something foolish and give up.

Arm-TattooBack in my early twenties I was a heavy metal head banger, and still am to some degree :-). Well, back in those days I wanted a cool tattoo, so I went through the artwork at my friends house who was about to give me my first tattoo and I saw this cool Chinese Dragon and told him that this was the one I wanted. I was not studying Astrology back then and had no conscious awareness of why I chose this Tattoo, other than that it “looked cool.”

Fast forward 20 plus years and I start studying Astrology and become fascinated with the North and South Nodes of the Moon in my research. The North Node shows us where our Soul desires to grow and learn, while our South Node shows us what we either perfected or exaggerated in the past. We basically need to tone it down in the South Node areas, and pick it up in the North Node areas of our lives. In Eastern Astrology the Dragons head is symbolic of the North Node and the Dragons Tail is symbolic of the South Node. It is my desire to continue to learn as much as I possibly can of this mystery and teach extensively about this incredible cosmic wisdom!

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